Archival staff training workshops in digital recordkeeping

Course 1, Introduction to Digital Recordkeeping and Archiving (2 day course)

Course Objectives

Day 1:

  1. Define the terms "digital records", "digital recordkeeping" and "digital archiving"
  2. Identify the principles of recordkeeping within a government environment and discuss the issues relevant to both paper and electronic recordkeeping
  3. Develop solutions to the problems associated with managing digital records in a contemporary recordkeeping environment

Day 2:

  1. Discuss current processes of archival management
  2. Identify models for digital archive development and the elements that contribute to its functional entities
  3. Identify and prioritise elements of a digital archiving model for functional application
  4. Use a functional model to develop solutions to archiving digital records in a contemporary archival environment

Course 2, Community Training

Community training course material

A short training course to introduce members of the community to digital recordkeeping and archiving. The course provides background and definitions to the digital recordkeeping environment and demonstrates how to access digital records online.

Course 3, Manager Training

Manager training course material

A short training course targeted at public service managers, detailing the challenges with digital records, the principles of digital archiving, and defining the roles and responsibilities of agencies, executives, managers, and staff.

Course 4, Records Manager Training

Records Manager training course material

A short training course for the Recordkeeping Manager, which expands on the material in Course 3, Manager Training. This course also describes the Electronic Document and Records Management System (EDRMS), how metadata is used in digital recordkeeping processes, and current standards and models for digital archives around the world.