ADRI Digital Record Exchange Specification

The ADRI Digital Record Exchange Specification project was set up to simplify the transfer of custody of digital records from one system to another. This is achieved by specifying a standard representation for a record during the actual relocation of the records from one system to the other, and a simple process for performing this relocation.It only deals with the actual digital records from one records system to another. Aspects of transfer of custody not dealt with in this specification include, for example, the negotiation of the transfer, decisions about what to transfer and monitoring the quality of the transfer.

The scope of this specification is to define a transfer process and a Submission Information Package that may be used by all records systems in all organizations when transferring records between records systems. The systems may be located in the same organization or in different organizations. The specification is primarily intended for use when transferring records from a producer to an archive, but may be used for other types of transfer (e.g. from an agency to its successor, to and from secondary storage, and from one archive to another).

The production of this specification was undertaken by a group of experts of the European Committee for Standardisation (CEN) ISSS/eBES/EG13 group.

in coordination with the United Nations Centre for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business (CEFACT) TBG 19; both groups dealing with eGovernment business processes. It was supported by the International Congress on Archives (ICA) and liased with ISO. ADRI undertook the role of project editor. The specification was heavily based on earlier work undertaken by ADRI. It is currently undergoing standardisation within CEN.