ADRI has the following objectives:

  1. That each government (including local) in Australia and New Zealand has a governance regime for the digital environment which is supported by sound strategies for making, keeping and using digital records.
  2. That the digital evidence of government business in Australia and New Zealand is captured, preserved and accessible for the benefit of current and future generations.
  3. That, in a digital environment, government agencies can meet their legal and functional responsibilities effectively and economically.

ADRI will achieve these through:

  1. Professional leadership, development and advocacy in digital recordkeeping provided by ADRI members.
  2. A commitment to agreed principles for digital recordkeeping.
  3. Encouraging vendors to provide implementations of standards developed by ADRI.
  4. Advocacy for appropriate digital recordkeeping to support government in all jurisdictions.
  5. Strategic use of limited collective resources and sharing information between members in an efficient and timely manner.