The Directorate of ADRI is composed of the Council of Australasian Archives and Records Authorities (CAARA). Other participants may be invited to join as opportunities arise. CAARA members include the heads of:

  • National Archives of Australia
  • Archives New Zealand
  • Archives Office of Tasmania
  • Northern Territory Archives Service
  • Public Record Office Victoria
  • Queensland State Archives
  • State Records New South Wales
  • State Records of South Australia
  • State Records Office of Western Australia
  • Territory Records Office Australian Capital Territory

The ADRI Convenor is appointed by CAARA, which has the ultimate authority over ADRI and provides overall direction to the Initiative. It ensures that ADRI outcomes meet the needs and expectations of all ADRI member institutions and that ADRI objectives are met. As ADRI work is completed, it is put up to CAARA for approval. Ultimately CAARA will also resolve any conflicts and issues which may arise. CAARA will prioritise ADRI projects and also ensure appropriate resources are available to individual ADRI projects.

Project teams

Project teams will be formed for each ADRI deliverable. By agreement with the Plenary, a member institution will accept sponsoring responsibility for each particular project. The sponsoring institution accepts responsibility for ensuring that the project mandate is carried out. The teams may be made up of representatives from single institutions or from a range of ADRI member institutions. Each team will have one project manager, to be provided by the sponsoring institution, who will have day-to-day authority over the project. The project manager ensures the delivery of the project to the agreed level of quality, on time and within budget (as determined by the Plenary and the sponsoring institution). The project manager will be responsible for convening meetings as appropriate of the project team. The project manager will report to the Plenary.

Teams may also include technical subject leaders. Technical subject leaders will provide technical advice about the project to the project manager.

Project teams may consist of one person.