The Australasian Digital Recordkeeping Initiative (ADRI) is a collaboration between all ten national, state and territory government record institutions in Australia and New Zealand. ADRI is a working group of CAARA.

Completed ADRI products released in 2013

Government Archives Metadata Project (the ANDS project)

ADRI institutions in partnership with the Australian National Data Service (ANDS) have recently completed the Government Archives Metadata Project (ANDS Project).

In 2011 ANDS sought partners to increase the amount of data available for discovery by Australian researchers. To assist with this ANDS developed the Australian Research Data Commons: a comprehensive collection of metadata resources to enable discovery of research data held in Australian universities, publicly funded agencies, and government organisations.

The Government Archives Metadata Project developed open sources extraction tools to enable metadata to be harvested and delivered into the Data Commons. The tools were installed and tested at the Public Record Office Victoria (PROV) and State Records New South Wales (SRNSW) as a way of testing the extraction tools and their utility.

The project has successfully been delivered with the following outputs:

  • 17,068 metadata records harvested by RDA from PROV
  • 19,548 metadata records harvested by RDA from SRNSW
  • Software and hardware solutions installed and operational at PROV and SRNSW
  • 12 SQL stored procedures, 2 PHP scripts, 2 TXT files, and 2 User guides published on open source hosting platform SourceForge

The User Guides, SQL stored procedures and PHP scripts developed by the project have been published on SourceForge to encourage re-use by other archives.

The record metadata that has been harvested can be searched.